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Should we be concerned about the possible unhealthy side effects we could experience from using a mobile phone?

The mobile phone manufacturers seem to think so as, despite having assured us for so long that the technology is harmless, they have now introduced precautionary advice in their handset manuals (albeit in the small print presumable to make it not so conspicuous and less "scary").

Attention Teenagers and Children!

Whether mobile phone and  wi-fi radiation can be harmful has been a controversial subject ever since the first cell phones were marketed in USA around 25 years ago, but all sides nevertheless do now agree that any possible risk will be much greater for children whose skulls are thinner and immune systems not yet full developed.  Our range of colourful Shield designs include some that will appeal to a younger taste.

The recently published Interphone report, funded mainly by the mobile phone industry at a cost of $20 million, was commissioned ten years ago to placate public concern.  After four years of internal wrangling about presentation before eventually being made public, as a compromise it described the result as "inconclusive" but has nevertheless admitted the possibility of tumours developing over ten years.  Hardly very comforting for families.

Surely now is the time to make the family's mobile phones safer.

The phoneShields are natural products only 18mm (under 3/4 inch) in diameter, highly effective yet requrie no technical skill and do not interfere with transmission or reception; they are quick and easy to fit using their own in-built strong adhesive pad and require no wires or batteries.  phoneShields are suitable for all makes and models of mobile phone including Smartphones and are safe to use by all ages once fitted (in loose form they should be kept away from infants although if accidentally ingested they are non-toxic)

phoneShields can also be used to great effect on the following devices, all of which are responsible for close personal proximity to exposure to radiated electromagnetism.  They are listed in priority because of wave frequency, radiation intensity or user proximity.

  • Mobile phones (aka cell phones) including Smartphones (Blackberries, I-Phones, etc)
  • Cordless telephone (DECT) handsets in conjunction with wi-fiShield on the Base Station 
  • Bedside radios and digital clocks
  • PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants)
  • Portable SatNavs
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Any other small electrical devices used for extended periods in close proximity to any part of the body.

The phoneShield is the only shield to rely on to make your mobile phone safer.  Don't delay - protect yourself now - only £12.50 each.


Links to the science
World Health Organization (WHO) Press Release:
Council of Europe:
Russian Study Report:
the BioInitiative* Report:
AUVA* Insurance Report:

Peace of mind for only £12.50!
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