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The Shields are affordable essential accessories to help protect the family's health in a modern technological environment.  Plan your defence against man made electromagnetism intrusion.  Why take a risk for so small an investment?

There is a considerable amount of well documented international scientific authority on the harmful biological effects of EMR of which two independent and impartial reports deserve particluar attention and can be accessed on the internet.  The BioInitiative is one which has been adopted overwhelmingly by the European Parliament and the other is the Austrian AUVA Insurance company report whose conclusion from research by Vienna Medical University is not to provide insurance cover because of too great a risk.

Many experts liken this scenario to that of the tobacco and asbestos era when financial interests were put before public health.  The UK government has advised 'a precautionary approach' - with teenagers and children in mind because their skulls are thinner and their immune systems are less developed, which makes them more vulnerable to the effects of radiated electromagnetism.  Our range of colourful Shield designs includes some appealing to a younger taste.

The Shields are recommended because independent scientific tests have proved them capable of reducing EMF exposure to help long term protection.  They have also proved successful providing relief where people are already experiencing EMF sensitivity such as headaches, loss of concentration, fatigue, nausea, sleep disturbance and many other symptoms.

In our most recent survey of feedback from customers using mobile phones or wi-fi devices, 59% had already experienced unpleasant symptoms such as those mentioned.  Of these over 81% obtained relief after applying a Shield and over 98% of all our customers reported peace of mind about long term protection and either purchased more Shields for family and friends or recommended them to others.

Buy now and enjoy the benefits of modern wireless technology with less risk of electromagnetism sensitivity whilst also showing your support for England.


Links to the science


World Health Organization (WHO) Press Release.  


Council of Europe:





Russian Study Report      




the BioInitiative* Report    


AUVA* Insurance Report     







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