International Distributors:

V A (Cheltenham)

……….less headaches/eyestrain with long-hours PC use.

FL1 Group

As a webdesign company, we are delighted to know we are safe using Phoneshield products.

M M (Retired Lawyer - Winchester)

Although retired from legal practice since 2002, I find myself, most unexpectedly, in demand by former clients. As a result I am spending upwards of 6, somewhat intense, hours per working day and indeed some weekends, preparing documentation on my PC.

Prior to my retirement I experienced fatigue and headaches when doing much the same work and despite the theoretically more relaxed regime working from home, found that the syndrome followed me home. I had my eyes tested, the lenses in my glasses reconfigured specifically for the reading distance for using the PC monitor, upgraded my PC graphics to higher resolution etc. etc. but still experienced an unexplainable feeling of exhaustion. I had (reluctantly) begun to attribute the effect to advancing age.

When by happen chance I cam upon your device at Heathrow, I was intrigued by the theory and possibility that your device might assist. However, while I purchased one, I retained my lifelong professional scepticism.

I have to say that since fitting the CompuShield, I have experienced a noticeable change in my mental/physical wellbeing during the hours working on the PC and while I am unqualified to and cannot of course identify the reason for the change, I am as satisfied as I can be that your device has made the difference. Any other explanation eludes me.

I am sure you will be pleased to learn that as a result of my experience I have purchased additional devices for PC’s used by family.

IL KFRP (Health Practitioner)

Feed back from some of my clients:-

Mr D ……. Was amazed as I performed a muscle test at how easily his arm went weak. He then knew that his Blackberry device was causing an unnecessary stress on his mind and body. In discussions after fitting a PhoneShield he said his concentration and memory had improved.

Mr B …. Said he could hear the dect phone more clearly after fitting a Wi-fiShield to the base unit and PhoneShields to the handsets.

My own experience of using the PhoneShields and Wi-fiShields is that I am able to use the computer without feeling drained and talk on the phone for long periods, as part of my job, also without feeling as tired as I used to before fitting the Phone and Wi-fiShields. I also feel reassured that when I use my mobile phone, I am protected from any electromagnetic stress.

LP (Kinesiologist)

I visited your Stand at the Natural Health Show where your representative kindly gave me free samples of your PhoneShield and Wi-fiShield products to test on my clients. I am delighted to say that the results have, without fail, been a huge success. Without doubt your product is the best product of its type on the market.

I shall be using the products in my practice as well as recommending my clients to purchase them.

JDS (Ponteland)

…..pleased with products. Not altogether sure how they work but happy that they have helped!

K K (Student - Oxford University)

I recently had the Wi-fiShield recommended to me by a friend at university. It has really stopped me feeling so tired when I stay up all night typing up an essay and my eyes no longer twitch after staring at the screen for so long. This product has definitely helped me work more efficiently, which is, after all, what every student here at Oxford wants.

R P (Practitioner) Dicken Heath

I have found them to be a great product to add to my clinic with more and more interest in this type of device due to the media interest in ERM. I have sold the 20 I bought and will order some more soon. Feedback from students/clients is that some feel calmer, some less headaches and some not noticing a difference at all (but they didn’t get any symptoms beforehand). With the information of the product on the website it gives the phoneshield more legitimacy as a product people have stated. Being a practitioner of energy therapies I am very aware of mobile phones and their effect and have had a phoneshield on my mobile for over a year.

J W (Graphic Designer - Ruislip)

Thank you for inventing the Wi-fiShield. It has revolutionized my computer usage. I no longer get tired or get sore eyes from working on my computer which, as you will probably appreciate is virtually all day as a graphic designer.

L B (Practitioner) (West Sussex)

I am a Kinesiologist and have tested these products many times. I can show through muscle testing the effects of mobile phones and through the same test the difference when a mobile phone is placed on the handset. I would definitely recommend these to others.

Dr V M (Hove, East Sussex)

I use my computer for work and spend several hours a day in front of it. I used to feel tired and experienced the computer work as draining. It is hard to tell for certain but I do believe that the Wi-fiShield has led to me feeling less tired and being able to concentrate for longer while working on the PC.

I try not to use my mobile phone too much anyway, so I haven’t noticed any difference with the PhoneShield so far.

M M (London)

I am a Clinical Kinesiologist and thoroughly test everything before I give it to a client. Your products have always tested very well and I continue to monitor them as the treatment continues. There has never been a problem. Clients have brought all kinds of weird and wonderful devices into the practice over the years and not one of them has been reliable except yours.

On behalf of all my clients that have been helped over the years – a heartfelt Thank You.

A T (Surrey)

I have been a keen advocate of your shields for some years and have given quite a few as gifts. I have used the PhoneShields on both mobile and cordless phones and have certainly noticed a reduction in mild headaches that I was experiencing whilst using my phones. I also use the Wi-fiShield which more than anything gives me some piece of mind when either me or my children are using the computer. I am very aware of the dangers of the profusion of electro-magnetic radiation in our environment and so anything I can do to alleviate the risk to my family is important to me.

T R (Leicester)

We do have concerns about the dangers of phone use but don't want to live without our mobile phones!  So this product helps us feel a bit better about the electromagnetic radiation we expose ourselves to on a daily basis!  Thanks.

MF Dip.ASK (practitioner)

I am happy to confirm that I recommend and sell successfully the phoneShield to my clients as I am convinced that the Shield is beneficial in naturally reducing teh harmful effects of excessive use of a mobile phone

M (Petersfield, Hampshire)

I was experiencing headaches and my sleep was affected. I have obtained relief since using a shield.

A T (London)

Love the product – it is a great design/size.

Anonymous (Customer)

Unable to ‘wind down’ after being on PC at night. Felt headachey. Don’t seem to be affected now when using Wi-fi.

Anonymous (Practitioner)

I would like to say how wonderful it is to have access to protection from radiation with your PhoneShield and Wi-fiShield.

I treat many people and run a very busy practice where I see lots of people who have a problem with radiation from their phones or computers. It’s fantastic to be able to rectify their problem with your products because I know they work.

M H (Practitioner - Ilford)

People comment on the improvement of symptoms and I can’t pick up radiation when I test them.

J R (Kinesiology Consultant & Instructor)

From a personal point of view I am benefiting greatly from the devices. I have one by my bed on the telephone and there has been a huge improvement in my sleep pattern with a better quality of sleep. The shield on my computer allows me to work for longer periods with less fatigue. Without a shield on my mobile phone my energy is constantly being drained and I am unable to hold a high gear muscle (kinesiology).

V D (Yateley)

I recently purchased a PhoneShield from you and am writing to give you some feedback about the product.

I myself have not noticed any particular changes but my boyfriend has noticed a reduction in headaches. It gives me peace of mind that I am doing something to help against the radiation that I have always suspected could be doing me harm, even if the effects are not obvious I know radiation is harmful so anything that helps alleviate the harmful effects can only be positive.

R R (Car Salesman - Sunderland)

I purchased both a PhoneShield and a Wi-fiShield airside at WH Smith, Glasgow International Airport and I am very happy with the results achieved in relieving my sore eyes and tiredness after using either my laptop or mobile phone for any period of time. I am amazed. As a result I have bought more of these products as gifts for my family.

A K-S (Milton Keynes)

Whenever I used to use my mobile phone prior to having the PhoneShield, I would get headaches very quickly and feel a kind of ‘clicking’ sensation in my head – not very pleasant!

Although I try not to use my phone for long periods of time, from the first time I used it with the PhoneShield these symptoms were no longer apparent.

My husband has now started using a Shield on his mobile and although he wasn’t previously suffering any obvious symptoms it makes both of us feel better knowing that the Shields are helping to protect us from ERM.

M F (Practitioner - Exmouth)

Many clients report reduction in heat! Personally noticed this straightaway. I use these as Xmas stocking filers – particularly for my friends and family’s children. Three clients noticed a reduction in ear itching which has not since returned.

B S (Kent)

My daughter works for a big charity and has her shield on her work computer. Much good feedback from colleagues. Have you thought of contacting charities and possibly industry?

D M (Practitioner)

Re: PhoneShield and Wi-fiShield

I highly recommend these products as my clients have, without exception, experienced excellent results from using them and often call or email to tell me how much difference they notice from using these shields.

L P Dip.ASK (Practitioner)

As a kinesiologist I have tested mobile phones with and without the PhoneShield and I am convinced that it protects against the harmful effects of radiation.

K R (Market Deeping)

I fitted your Wi-fiShield on my company computer and I am amazed at the difference it has made. I feel less tired. I now recommend it to all my friends who work on computers.

H B (Head Teacher - Bedford)

As a head teacher of Pre-Preparatory School I found when using my computer that I suffered from sore eyes. Discussing this with a teacher colleague, he recommended your Wi-fiShield product to me. I can only say that upon fixing this to my computer my sore eye problem disappeared.

We introduce our pupils to preliminary computer use at an early age. As a head teacher, I felt that as a result of my experience, I had a duty to purchase Wi-fiShields for all of the school computers.

Parents have enquired about the product and as a result the school outfitters are now stocking Wi-fiShields for home use.

I will be recommending your product at the next head teacher’s regional conference.

P R H-G (Managing Director)

Wishing to show a Duty of Care and Due Diligence to my employees, I was recommended to purchase Wi-fiShields for those members of my staff using either computers or their laptops. The feedback has been remarkable.

From my own point of view, it is hard to put a definitive finger on exactly ‘how’ they are working …. But without doubt I definitely fell less fatigued.

Miss K G R (Weybridge)

I would like to say how happy I am with my Wi-fiShield and PhoneShield I bought from your company a few months ago.

I have noticed my energy and eyes don’t feel as tired as they used to after being on my laptop for several hours most evenings and I feel more alert in the mornings.

I am so pleased with these products, I bought my sister a family pack for her birthday earlier this year and she has experienced the same results after being on her desktop computer at work all day and on her mobile most evenings.

I have and will continue to recommend these products to my family, friends and colleagues.

Thank you for such a fantastic product.

Recommended by Janey Lee Grace

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